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Zielony Niedźwiedź - the simplest yet the richest form of the Polish contemporary cuisine.

Why the simplest? Because our culinary technique depends entirely on seasons and is aimed at showing off the quality of the product. The richest? Because we never compromise the quality of our food with anything else. We buy meat, honey, juice and preserves only from farmers we know personally.

Slow Food

The 10 commandments of The Green Bear

1. We do as we say and write.
You can take our word for it - the written and the spoken. All the dishes we serve are exactly as described in the menu.

2. We do not follow trends - we set them.
We do things other consider undoable. Rather than follow trends from the culinary world, we set our own. We are faithful to our own vision.

3. Excellent Polish produce is our bedrock.
We pride ourselves on knowing how to obtain the best rare ingredients and being able to use their potential.
We strive to use mostly Polish produce - or produce that is linked to our culinary tradition. One exception from this rule is artisanal foodstuffs from our nearest neighbors, as well as certain rare ingredients from more distant regions.

4. We select ingredients according to the season.
We cook from nature, and compose dishes according to her cycles, basing them on seasonal products, as well as those that keep fresh for a long time, unaided ( e.g. legumes, certain tubers, dried fungi). But that does not mean we avoid marination, fermentation or traditional preserves.

5. We do not freeze what should not be freeze.
Freshness is our obsession. Meats and fishes served in our restaurant have never been in the deep - freeze. If there is anything that has been frozen , it is ingredients which require it (such as venison or berries) in order to lend the dish as much of their natural goodness. Those can be used as ingredients in pates, hunter’s stews or fillings.

6. We look back on the Polish culinary tradition.
Our own tradition is what fascinates us. Our menu contains dishes inspired by regional recipes. When we cook, we borrow from the past, and what we learn on the way, we pass on to our guests in the tastiest contemporary form.

7. Above all - we make tasty food.
We consider taste to be paramount. The dishes served Zielony Niedźwiedź are exceptional due to their combinations of ingredients. Taste is the key, as it testifies to the chef’s talents, and transforms a dish into a work art.

8. We cook in dialogue with wine.
Wine is for us what points at new combinations of tastes and flavours - we create them so that they go well with wines. Wines is our inspiration and our companion at the table.

9. We always learn from those we work with.
We are inspired by our partners. The best livestock breeders, farmers, preserve makers and winers are those who know exactly what it is that they produce. This is why we try and learn something new every time we meet them.

10. We cook for you.
Our restaurant could not exist without our Guests. We listen to your suggestions and opinions with the utmost attention.


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We organize business breakfasts & dinners, corporate & private events as well as conferences. Also, we host tourist groups. Call us to get more information at: +48 534 802 407.


We are more than happy to host family & business events. Our dining area may host up to 70 guests at a sit-down meal. The dining area together with a conference room may host up to 120 guest at a standing party. Dancing is welcome! We work in co-operation with the best Polish bartenders and renown DJs from Warsaw.


Conferences may be held in the restaurant or in an external conference room. We can provide you with office equipment such as a beamer, a screen or a laser pointer.


Between April and September, you can enjoy our exceptional garden tables in the city centre of Warsaw, down the hill, in a small and cosy Beyer Park, amongst trees. What more would one want? Only mesmerizing dishes from the Green Bear!


ul.Smolna 4, 00-375 Warszawa

  • – by car: you can get to Zielony Niedzwiedz approaching from the Powiśle district, via ul. Z. Herberta
  • – on foot: you can also get to the restaurant crossing the parking lot in ul. Smolna and walking down the stairs leading to the park

To book a table
+48 795 794 784

Group reservations (more than 10 pax):
Rafał Michalski +48 534 802 407

Opening hours:

18.00 – 23.00

Tuesday – Friday
12:00 – 16:00
18:00 – 23:00

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